Island Hopping Baby! (The Second Time Around)


Hi friends! I’ll be sharing our wonderful celebration of Our Lola’s (grandma’s) natal day. Last June 26, 2016 we celebrated Lola’s birthday by doing island hopping at Samal and Talikod Islands here in the Philippines.

This is our second time to do this and the first one was on November 2014 where our family and relatives just had fun together. This time, it’s only our family from my father’s parents down to our generation. We lost Our Lolo (grandpa) last year so we only have our Lola left for us. We decided to celebrate her birthday this way because she requested to celebrate in the beach. And since we usually do that, we thought of something different but not far from what she wanted. She agreed to it and was more happy with our plan.

Before, it’s always our aunties who pay for everything. This time, me and my cousins decided to share to pay for the boat and we also brought some food for the celebration.

The tour started at 8:00 am and ended at 4:00 pm. It was a very amazing experience because we went to five different spots. First we stopped at Angel’s cove where you can see different kinds of corals. Next was at Babu Santa (This is actually a white sand beach Resort) then at Coral Garden, Then Isla Reta 2 then lastly at Wishing Island. You can click those links with their names so you can see more details about these places.

It was indeed an enjoyable adventure with my cousins and all my family members. See our pictures below..





At Babu Santa Beach Resort. Our second stop where we took our lunch.


Mama with lots of Island Hopping Boats behind at Babu Santa Beach Resort



We just love grilled Bangus. And they’re cheaper.. haha




The Wishing Island.


Above Wishing Island




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Teaching A Child One Random Act Of Kindness

Our city, the Davao city of the Philippines was bombed by unidentified person last Sep. 2, 2016 which killed 14 people and injured more than 60. This is very sad for us living in this city because for so many years that we lived in peace, somebody just blast the happiest place in town, the R0xas Night Market. This night market is the place where students form one school to another especially Colleges have their late dinner after classes. This is also a place for people who wants to relax and get a massage after work and for families who wants to take their children for a barbecue and ice cream by the famous Mang Danny’s Ice Cream. This Place is where a group of friends get together, that is why we consider Roxas Night Market the happiest place in Davao city.

Our city is now under red alert so police men are helping each other to protect and save our city from any danger. The alert is not just in our city but also all over the Philippines because our president declared so.

As a citizen of the Philippines and a resident of Davao City, our group of friends which we call “Gemenians” saw how police personnel worked hard 24/7 for our safety. So we decided to help them by at least giving food and water while they are on duty. We already saw some doing it and we decided to do it as well.

A week after the blast particularly September 11, 2016, we went to Task Force Davao where a check point is based. The time we distributed water and food to these police men, they were so happy and our hearts melted. They keep on saying thank you and we keep on answering them “No sir, it’s us who should say thank you”. Then we saw a proud face from them.

What makes me so proud is that, my three year-old son Eyam was also there excited to give these police men our thank you treat. My purpose of why I should take my son to this activity is because I want him to learn the sense of giving and helping especially to those who needs it.

Below are our Photos..



Our Friend Dianne with me, Eyam and the Task Force Davao with the Duterte Sign


Eyam and his dad giving food and having a little chitchat with the police.. so cute..


Eyam and my husband giving some food and water.


A happy Eyam with a lady police..


The check point area before entering Davao City


Ernani, Dianne, and Shayne distributing the food..



Enter a caption



The happy Me and my Husband


A group meeting a night before the activity.. These are the people behind this random act of kindness.. sorry it’s dark..

Captured Moments with Papa And Eyam

I’m not a photographer, I’m not even interested with photography. And I don’t even take much photos except on special occasions. I just take photos if I want some memories to keep. But there’s this one chance that I took photos of my dad and my son.

I really love the shots and they’re really worth sharing. I did not mean taking the photos feeling like a professional, I just click and click my phone and got these results. I don’t know about you, but for me, they’are wonderful.

Below are photos of my dad and my son during our Island hopping.
















Missing His Long Hair

When Eyam was born, we decided to let his hair grow long and make his first haircut at 4. Eyam turned 3 last April, and for some reason, we decided to cut his hair last February.

Indeed I’m missing his long hair and here I posted some photos reminiscing those times.













February 2015, when his hair was cut.


Oh that long wavy hair.


Goodbye Long hair!






Happy Father’s Day

This post is off course dedicated to the father of my son, and to my dad.

It’s your day today and the best way to celebrate is for the family to be together.

We started our day by greeting my husband and since it’s sunday, we’re lucky that he’s with us although usually, he still needs to go to work even on sundays. Then we greeted our dads, (my dad and my in-law) then went to my inlaws home. We did not have plenty of cooking and grilling but we celebrated this day simply together.






And also, celebrated with a morning madness..


How about you? How did you celebrate father’s day? I’d love to know.